This is Ayukawa Madoka. Isn't she so alluring?
Why Is K - O - R The Best?

What is KOR anyway?

Kimagure Orange Road or KOR for short, is a romantic, sci-fi, comedy anime series of innocence, love, and friendship. It revolves around the relationship of three main characters: Ayukawa Madoka, Kasuga Kyosuke, and Hiyama Hikaru. The series is further bolstered by a strong supporting cast consisting of the lovable twins Manami and Kurumi and the perverted hentais of Komatsu and Hatta. It even has a third tier of supporting cast of characters of Master, Takashi, Ojiisan and Obaasan, Kazuya and Akane, and Hino Yuusaku. But it is the "whimsical capriciousness" of these stories that draws people into KOR. Many series have copied it, but none can duplicate that special magic and chemistry between the characters. I hope this little "teaser" into the world of KOR will get you interested in the series. Take it from me: it will be a wonderful experience.

Hello everyone! I want this site to be more interactive and in tune with its users, so I figured this was the best way to elicit feedback. What I want to know from you is why you think KOR is at the top when it comes to anime series. (Of course, I think it is the BEST!) It's obvious you have an interest in KOR; otherwise, you wouldn't bother coming to this site. You can also write about anything else that fancies you. Here's where to send your e-mail:
PLEASE NOTE: This page is not intended as a slight towards other Anime series; so please, don't come emailing me saying 'I'm wrong, that [XYZ] series is the best...', etc. Instead, the aim is towards self-effacing, ego-boosting for KOR fanatics. The KOR fan is a dying breed; not much activity exists on either the newsgroups, nor the mailing list. Hopefully, this would inspire KOR fans around the world to express their love and appreciation for the series, the stories, and the substance of the characters. Fall in love with KOR once again!

How is KOR the best?
It is a Paradigm which cannot be equalled.

KOR was conceived in 1984, a very special year indeed, marking the dawning of the Anime revolution as we know it.

Provided the archetype for all romantic, Anime comedies as we know it.

Created the model for the prototypical, clueless, super-obsessive type: Hikaru Hiyami whose condition is known as the 'Hikaru complex'

Ushered in the age of the super GODDESS heroine/protagonist: Ayukawa Madoka!

Popularized the notion of the "indecisive", naive, hard-lucked, nose-bleeding male adolescent figure: Kasuga Kyouske!

Made us Madoka-fearing men with the introduction of the dreaded 'Ayukawa slap'

Influenced the use of "cute" animals in anime: Jinogoro!

Gave us a "heart-wrenching" triangle of love, friendship and heartbreak

Even more REASONS why KOR is so special.

Those Damn fine kawaii cute twins! Manami and Kurumi ^_^ ^_^

Our lovable hentais: Komatsu and Hatta ;-) ;-)

Super Kool Supernatural ESPer Powers!

A story where a kid (Kazuya) can be a King!

Steps and steps and steps and even more steps!

Wierd relatives galore! (Ojiisan, Akane)

Sparked the liveliest and most controversial debates in Anime

The expandable universe of KOR has spawned the best and most interesting fanfiction around!

The final SAY on why Kimagure Orange Road is the best Anime of all time

Many people can say a particular Anime is the best in a particular category or genere (i.e. MI as best romantic comedy, Wings of Honnamise as best movie, BGC as best OAV series, ROLW as best medieval RPG setting, etc.) but no Anime can claim to best of all time without fulfilling all these criteria:

Success in all mediums, including

Now what Anime can claim to have this much effect in all the areas mentioned above? Some Anime might be better than KOR in some areas, but not all of the above. What I especially like about KOR is that it did not drag on for volumes or episodes like some other shows. It delivered its message in just the right amount of exposure. More people are passionate about KOR than any other anime because they can identify with it. It reawakens a special time in everyone's lives: high school and memories of the lost, innocent youth. That is why KOR will never be equaled by any anime because of this red-string connection with the fans. Last KOR is like a decathalon athelete, ranking consistently high in every medium available. Which is why a decathalete is considered the greatest athelete in the world. Which is why KOR is the best anime of all time.

Still not convinced? Then tell me; which Anime has:

If you ask me, if you can have your own radio show and get parodied, then you become a legendary series, just like Star Wars. Kyosuke, Madoka, and Hikaru is the perfect complement to Luke, Leia, and Han Solo. Hatta and Komatsu is like R2D2 and C3PO. Ojiichan can be likened to Obi-Wan. Chewbacca could be Yuusaku. Kyosuke certainly has the "Force" and could be a precursor to the Jedi. And on and on and on. (I am a big Star Wars fan!)KOR is not just a localized phenmenon but is loved on a global basis. That's why it's been featured in Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and Portugese! Some series will come and go, but I'll wager people will still talk about KOR 20 years from now. For the radio show/cd dramas, they even manage to snag the budding and top stars to do the voices including Sakurai Tomo (Kaitou Saint Tail), Miyamura Yuko (Asuka of Evangelion), and Akira Kamiya (of CityHunter fame). Look at all the crop of voice-actor stars the KOR legacy has spawned, just like the Godfather. Even now, 13 years after its first inception, it still has new material being written for it. (ala Shin Kor Novels, Comic-ON CDROMs) There is no anime I know that has had new material written for it after that length of time. Why is that? Because it has all the elements of a saga: fantasic story line and plot, great music and sound (from CD's and music videos), comedy, extra-terrestial powers (ala X-Files), mystery, lasting friendships and most importantly: a touching romance and the most crushing breakup scene in Anime. And the wide and diverse relationships and interesting mix of personalities from all walks of life separates it from the "ordinary" anime out there. (Madoka delinquency, her parents wealthy background and accomplished careers being musicians in the US; Kyousuke ESP powers, the twins' voracious appetites and capricious temper; Takashi's "hands-off" approach to parenting; Hikaru's bubbly sweet personality; Yuusaku's tough-guy karate mentality; Hatta and Komatsu ecchi ways; Ojiichan and Obaachan's wacky traditions; Kazuya's mischevious ways; Akane's idol worship; Jingoro's lazy stupor) It's not your typical "stick in lots of young, voluptous, pretty girls in revealing actions and include lots of dumb, crude comedy bits and sight gags" type of anime. As I can recall, KOR seems to have an equal mix of female and male characters. (Kasuga, Takashi, Komatsu, Hatta, Yuusaku, Kazuya, and Ojiichan versus Madoka, Hikaru, Kurumi, Manami, Akane, and Obaachan) The same can't be said for popular anime like Ranma, Sailor Moon, and Tenchi Muyo. There is a growing feeling of anticipation and tension that the viewer can feel and relate to whether you read the manga chapters or watch each successive anime episode. The audience is in a way rooting for Kyosuke and Madoka to reveal their true feelings and get together. But only after they have endured and experienced life together. It is the fateful period of time spent to get to know each other's personalities, strengths, idiosyncracies, and vulnerabilities that makes it worthwhile to watch as we see each of the characters in the story grow and mature. Each one of us could identify with any one of the charcters depicted. Last it has an extensible universe. There are so many points of KOR yet unexplored (Like the secret of the ESPers, Kazuya continuation, the fate of the twins, etc., etc., etc.) I believe (and know that ) KOR fans are the most dynamic, creative Anime fans around. NO Anime Series has more good fanfiction written for it than KOR. Up to date, there are currently 8 unique KOR-related fanfic (including mine), not counting the various humor and other bits around. KOC has even spawn a following of its very own, creating its very own doujinshi. It is a given that KOR Fans will spread the word and keep the faith throughout all of time! Long Live KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD!

Anyone out there care to express their feelings for KOR? Then send some e-mail my way. Please try to be reasonably cogent. Try to focus on one original point not already mentioned before. I'll append the most original and thoughtful of e-mail to the end of this page. Thanks!

Sample Submission (Kinds of submissions I'm looking to AVOID!) "I JUST LOVE KOR. It's the GREATEST! I can't get enough of it! I just gotta have it day and night. It's so KOOL! Thanks dude! That's all I have to say. Later, JD Man 2-2

Sample Submission (Model of illustrating a point.) One of the aspects of KOR that appeal to me is the risque comedy, specifically by the lovable losers, Hatta and Komatsu, the "class clowns" of KOR. I enjoy how they constantly try to get their "buddy" Kyosuke in hot water with Hikaru and Madoka. Nowadays, you're likely to find one or more character in popular, successful anime series whose sole purpose is to provide comic relief for the story. It seems to me that KOR was the first, successful anime to incorporate this. That's why I love KOR so much: the originality and diverseness of characters. Thanks! John Doe 2-2-96

Paraphrasing Itono Taisuke from Japan...
Subject: Why KOR is the best for me...

I write this mail since I saw your page [ ../~rk/Kor-why.html] and felt like to show how I love it.

Briefly speaking, .... Madoka is there , and that is why I love it.

What she meant to me and taught me is this: Loving somebody often means being cruel to someone else and having it affect others. The relevance between Kyousuke and Madoka is no less cruel for Hikaru. That conclusion (on the last Movie) is also cruel to Madoka, since she lost her best friend in order to get her true love.

So I hate Kyousuke's acts and behavior because he forced her to choose between him or Hikaru as the person she can keep beside her , even if it wasn't immediate. ...
Taisuke Itono (Sophomores of Univ. of Library and Info. Sci.)

From a mailing list respondent: 2-21-96
I haven't watched KOR for a few weeks, maybe a month, I begin to ask myself "Why I liked it so much?". Just recently did I find the answer to that question again, when I was "obligated" to watch through the whole series again (thanks Nasser). For me, the reason why it stayed with me for such a long time, is because Kimagure Orange Road is like traveling to that "dream" world that Kyosuke, Ayukawa, and Hikaru live in. It makes me want to go back to my high school days, and relive it the way they did. That, and the fact that the cast of KOR is like family to me (well except Komatsu, Hatta).

the HitMan (o.o) . ;.

From another mailing list member: 2-21-96

Err, you might be right, but I'd rather think we like KOR (and Ayukawa) because of the whole thing. I mean, if it's just look and feminity, Belldandy topped Ayukawa. Yet Ayukawa is still higher then Belldandy in my "people that don't exist but I would love to meet" list. Disclaimer: other folks might think differently. You see, there's the triangle, the nostalgia (for you old-timers), Kyousuke's indecisiveness, Ayukawa's deter- mination to support her long-time friend despite her own feelings, and Hikaru, well, the anime Hikaru isn't as well portrayed as the manga, but she got potential. :) Don't forget the ESP, and the twins too (ever heard of the International Manami Fan Club?).


From on 2-26-96
I picked up on KOR about two years ago. It was the fourth anime series that I got interesed in. I had heard a lot about it, which is why I decided one day to just take a chance and buy an OVA to see what it was like. The OVA I purchased was called "Spring is for Idols." After watching it, I immediately went back to my anime store and bought another OVA. The reason why I like KOR is because I really enjoy the relationships between Kyosuke, Madoka, and Hikaru. All the different manueverings make the whole series interesting and enjoyable. Although the ending was VERY sad (at least in the anime), I appreciate it all the more for that. Unfortunately, not all relationships can end on a happy note for everyone. The very zero-sum nature of love triangles by nature demands that someone gets hurt one way or another. The final movie was just an emotional crusher and I felt very depressed after watching it. I originally felt that Kyosuke was overly harsh in breaking his relationship with Hikaru, but after some careful thought, I realized that perhaps this was the only way Kyosuke could get Hikaru to give him up (considering how attached and obsessive Hikaru was). Just a cursory viewing of the film will tell you that Kyosuke still cared about Hikaru, which is why he doesn't enjoy what he is doing, but that he has little choice in the matter. Some may claim that the movie sucked because it was so sad, but I felt that's what helped give the series a more realistic sense and depth.

As Elizabeth Jones remarks...(April 7, 1996)

I found the "why is KOR the best?" page entertaining. I'm more of a Maison Ikkoku person myself (Takahashi has a better grasp on the woman's side of this kind of situation, in my opinion, and besides, if you're looking in terms of soap-opera innovation, MI came four years before KOR). I do like the way Matsumoto depicts characters as having both flaws and good qualities. Hikaru is affectionate but clingy. Madoka is sexy and intelligent but jealous and has that famous "feminine" quality of assuming the guy can read her thoughts and feelings, and getting all ticked if he can't. With both series you get a good "sense of place" as tho' you, yourself, could walk up the 99.5 steps or drink coffee at ABCB. Or live in one of the unoccupied rooms at Ikkoku-kan...

As writes: (April 22, 1996)

I love KOR because it's so unpredictable. I just love some of the situations brought about by ESPer power, and even simple unexpected incidents such as Akane's infatuation with Madoka! Hikaru's obsession with Kyosuke is always good for a laugh as well. Comedy is something we don't see enough of in anime, and KOR is the series that set the standard.

As Christopher Patrick Dewane from writes: (May 23, 1996)

I'm a KOR fan and I haven't even seen the Anime yet. How is this possible? Well, I fell In love with Madoka from a GIF picture a friend gave me at school (must have been around '88). At that time, while an avid Dungeons and Dragons Player as well as Computer gamer, I had almost no idea that the concept of Anime even existed. My idea of Japanese animation was stuff like Grandizer or Battle of the Planets. Cool animation, but still for kids. ... Now, how does this make me a KOR fan? If I hadn't ever seen that GIF of Madoka, I would never have known about it until I started the Internet thing about a year ago. The one Anime I most want to see but have not been able to do so (yet). I've read all the Synopsi, read the FanFics, Downloaded the KOC Manga, but no place or club around where I live has a viewable copy of any of the KOR series (TV, OVA, or the Movie). I'm still frustrated trying to find and see the Anime that got me interested in Anime

As David Hsing of writes: (Aug 7, 1996)

Beside the reasons people on your "Why KOR is the Best" page have mentioned (most of all- Madoka...), I am addicted to KOR because of the tremendous emotional depth the series possesses. I could feel joy and sorrow along with the characters in every situation. Scenes like the one atop the stairs at the swingset the night before Madoka was to leave for America are very touching, and the music enhances the feelings even more. I could feel immense frustration welling up inside me as the characters commit inexplicably stupid acts that defy logic and reason. On many occations I felt the urge to march into the tv set and ring Kyosuke's neck. I feel the pangs of sorrow when Kyosuke seemed to be losing Madoka for good, and warm elation during those tender moments between the two. I have become dependent on the rush that KOR provides, and if I don't recieve the rest my KOR fansubs soon then I will fall very ill.

As David Kim from writes: (Aug 15, 1996)

KOR was the second anime series I ever watched. I watched Bubble Gum Crisis about 5 years ago, and I picked up episodes 1-12 and 33-48 of KOR from a friend 5 months ago and watched those within a week. I recently got all the episodes, and spent the last week watching the entire series, as well as the final movie. I think what I enjoyed most about KOR was how true-to-life SOME things were, making it a drama, while other things were totally not feasible, thereby making it a comedy. I can totally relate to the family moving many times, although not b/c of ESP, and how Kasuga Kyosuke feels moving and meeting a beautiful girl like Madoka for the first time. Hell, I'd wear that red straw hat all the time. KOR reminds us that sometimes love can be really hard to come by. It requires making tough choices and wrestling between your heart and mind. It reminds us that we shouldn't always judge how people are based on how they were in the past. By that I mean that for most of the series, Kasuga and Madoka's pasts (Kasuga having ESP and Madoka being a "bad girl", were shrouded, at least from the other) For each of them, meeting the other was like starting a new life, like in the episode when Madoka stopped smoking. Albeit cheesy and melodramatic at times, and despite relatively poor animation for an anime (although I guess it's hard to make 48 episodes of Akira-like animation), it was so heart-wrenching to see both Madoka and Kasuga deal with the triangle, but it was also so frustrating to see them not take any chances. I would think that this conflicting emotion helped drive my will and interest and eventually addiction to this anime series. On a final note, the music is really good, and I find myself humming it sometimes. I'm learning Japanese just from anime!

As Jay from the Philippines wrote on October 18, 1996

I haven't seen KOR but I've heard a lot about it and would love to watch it. Here in the Philippines, its hard to find anime videos. Sure there's anime aired on local TV stations but seeing your KOR page and the descriptions of how KOR is unequaled, I'd wish there's an authorized distributor for this country for anime videos. Well, I just want to air something out. Thank you. :)

As Sean Nelson from wrote 10/20/96:

I've just recently finished watching the last of all the KOR series, OAVs & movie. I would never had stumbled on to it had it not been for Internet sites like yours, and I'd like to thank you deeply for the time and effort you've put into making folks aware of this wonderful series. As a modest repayment, please accept the following as my contribution to your "Why is KOR the best" page...

For me, KOR is the best because of the deep feelings it invokes. Although some of the superficial aspects of the show are fantasy, for me the characters and relationships are completely genuine. Kyosuke, Madoka and Hiraku live at the mystical boundary between innocence and maturity, the time when men and women are still discovering what it means to fall in love. That time is some 25 years in my past, but KOR brought it alive again in a way that nothing else has been able to match. The plots serve as frameworks to deliver you to those special moments where the angst of youth and romance come to a head:
o Just when Kyosuke thinks Madoka is mad at him, he discovers that she has a picture of him in her room.
o Madoka rewards Kyosuke's study efforts by dressing in a kimono for fireworks celebration. She asks him not to stare at her but he continues to do so, for how can he help it?
o "What's so special about this town?", asks Madoka on the eve of her departure. Although he can't bring himself to say it, you can tell from Kyosuke's reply that it's her that makes it so special.

KOR is at it's best at these moments, with nothing happening but the certainty that the characters are in a kind of mental shock, eyes shimmering, amazed, scared, delighted and awed at what's going on.

As we grow older we become more jaded. The good times seem less good, and the bad times seem less bad. How wonderful to be able to go back again to the days when the possiblities were just unfolding, and the most amazing feelings come from the simplest actions?

As writes on Nov 4, 1996
Hey there, Just wanted to let ya know that I'm with ya 100% Kimagure Orange Road is the best anime series that I've ever seen since Ranma 1/2. All the characters are very, very interesting--especially Ayukawa Madoka. She is the best female character that I've ever seen! The stories, concepts, character designs are all incredible. If anyone out there have not seen KOR, then you're missing the best anime series ever.
If anyone out there that wants more information on this deal, you can e-mail at or visit the Animeigo site at "". So please check it out. KOR is worth it--very much!
So, to make a long story longer. Kimagure Orange Road has it all: the animation is great, characters are wonderful, stories is very good--man, this series has it all. If you pass this up, you'll regret later on. That's a promise. SO check it out! Later...

As Michael Wojcik from Britain wrote on Dec 15, 1996:

My brother Mark and I saw our first two episodes of _Kimagure Orange Road_ the other night. While I have to agree with Elizabeth Jones that it hasn't (yet) displaced _Maison Ikkoku_ as my favorite manga / anime storyline to date, I can't recall ever being so impressed with an anime story on first viewing. And, of course, I've only seen KOR as anime; since my natural inclination is toward the literary, I invariably prefer the manga. (I understand from a recent issue of _Manga Vizion_ that we're unlikely to see KOR manga in translation, due to concerns about "flipping" the artwork. It's a pity I hadn't been exposed to KOR before I went to Japan last summer, since I used that opportunity to raid furu-honya for every manga series I had heard of.)

My most favorite aspect of KOR so far, I think, is the admirable sense of restraint that Matsumoto exercises in the writing. Kyosuke, in the two episodes I've seen ("I Was a Fish; I Was a Cat" and "Akane, the Shapechanging Girl"), is indecisive, but to an entirely believable extent. Even in MI Takahashi sometimes exaggerates characteristics for commedic purposes. Thanks, by the way, for the lovely web site, clearly a great deal of work.

As Ken M from wrote on Jan 18, 1997:
I think that KOR is the best romantic anime that ever have . The characters, the plot, or even the jokes in the series is mixing very well. Today I just hop there're going to be KOR2 (I hope it's going to be about Kasuga's son or daughter). I believe that Izumi Matsumoto can make the magic happen again.

As Adam from Detroit wrote on Jan 24, 1997:
After finally getting the chance to watch the entire TV series in sequence, I agree: KOR IS the best! The love-triangle formula usually seems to work, but Orange Road takes this to another level. I have never been drawn into a series as much as I was while watching these 48 classic episodes. The perfect blend of romance, humor, and off-the-wall anime antics should please anyone, not just hardcore anime fans. This is probably the most addicting work (TV, movie, OVA, animated or otherwise) I have ever witnessed. Long live KOR...

As Daniel from Sweden wrote on Feb 1, 1997:
I first saw KOR back in 1986, in the swedish-dubbed version. At the time I was only 6 years old. At that time, all of the KOR TV-series was available at my local Video store. But, me beeing just six years old, I neither had the urge nor the means to purchase it (plus, I thought that episode 1-4 was all there was to it. Time went by and KOR was never in my mind until, in the spring of 1996 i saw an old, messed up video casette box. It was Video #4, episdodes 13-16 It was on sale, since it was about ten years old, so I bought it. I took it home, watched it, and loved it. Now being aware of the awesome effect it had on me, I found out what firm had distributed it in Sweden, and called them. They said they didn4t have any left, and I just felt like dying and I wondered around for months wishing I had never heard of KOR. Had I never heard of it, it wouldn4t make me so miserable, I thought. Everything seemed so dull after that. When I got back to school, I didn4t pay any attention to that either. I basically just existed. In december, I found your site, and added envy to the list of negative feelings. In january however I found out that KOR was to be released in Sweden again in spring 1997, and my life changed in an instant, all the sad feelings I had before were gone, leaving only the memories of them. I started searching the Internet for anything KOR-related and found out that there were OAVs and a movie available as well. Now, I don4t know whether they4re available in PAL or not yet, so I4m not sure whether to be happy or disappointed. THAT is why KOR is the best, beacuse it can turn your life around completely, changing your feelings from content to miserable and from miserable to overjoyed simply by existing/not existing. No other Anime has ever done meant that much to me.

Daniel 17 years old in Sweden

As Seb from wrote on May 1, 1997
I felt I should write to you. KOR was one of the first anime i've ever seen. I have all the OVAs and all 48 episoded on fansubs. What makes it great? Hmmm, you know, there are so many loveable about the whole thing that it's hard to think of one thing. The 99.5 steps. The red straw hat. Kyosuke's babbling. Komatsu & Hatta, the Twins, Madoka and of course Hikaru. I wonder am I the only one who liked Hikaru? Oh sure Madoka was great, but Hikaru was sweet and she was also the one who ended up losing.... The movie still has me crushed by the way. I've seen it once and could never bring my self to do that again.

As Adrian from Germany wrote on May 5, 1997
To be frank, the kor anime series IS NOT THE BEST (part of KOR), the best Is the Comic series. The comic series have some nuances that the anime series doesn4t have. The stories are more nuanced, the characters are fare more like real humans. The comic series Is not just a love comedy series, but shows something about the japanese teenagers In tha `80 s. I do agree with you that, nobody others has shown love comedy better than Matsumoto Izumi. Actually I Was once when i Was in the early teens in love with Madoka. I Hope you also have read the Sesame Street comic also of Matsumoto Izumi. In a way It Is a kind of a later episode of KOR even It isn4t.

As William Chang from Taiwan wrote on May 9, 1997
I love this lovely comic while I saw this TV series at should be 6 years ago. At that time,I bought all of the K.O.R. 's video..including TV series,Ova and Movie... In this lovely romance story...there is the one I love most:Hikaru Hiyama...

You know is very good for find some one at otherwhere in this world who have the same interests as me...

As Dark Scheider from Italy wrote on May 14, 1997 (slightly edited)
Looking (back at) KOR(,) I belive I wasted my young times, but (un)like KK(,)I cannot go back in time, so I thought if I can start now, the answer is NO. Now I say: "Why I do not look at KOR before?". So go on with your mission and please prevent people (from repeating the same mistake I've made). Remember (the words of wise) latin poets: "Carpe diem"

As Hassan Qasem wrote from the mailing list on May 29, 1997
I lately have made-up my mind and saw the ShinKOR Ld that I have , to tell the truth , ShinKOR IS THE BEST for all KOR series and OVA and movies , I donliked the novel too mach , but after seeing the movie , I think it's something else, the movie story is almost the same except for some change (change for the best in the movie) in the movie hikaru and Madoka see each other and that for Kyuskai to , I think that the movie story is too mach better then the novel ( and that bcoz of that little change about only 20 min. different from the novel ) coz when I compared the novel to the movie I found that all the dialog are the same for mostly the first 60 min. and diff from the second 20 min. and the rest are the same. I think I can make translation by comparing the two of them together ?can I ?? I hope I can , I don't know too mach Japanese but what I know helped me to understand the hole story , that after I read the novel, any way I think that ShinKOR is the best stuff for KOR for all, and Icooool , I'm trying to find were can I get the sound track for it ,,it's really killing me ,,, ;_; ,I WANT KYUSKI NO1 , sorry for that ;)

As Lala wrote on June 3, 1997
This is an Ardent Fan Of KOR mailing to U..... Let's review the facts.KOR is no doubt a great anime series, and being a fanatic like myself, I would be lying if i said i hated it. Nevertheless, this mail is intended, sadly to rebute your sayings of Hikaru-Chan. Unlike many KOR supporters who believe Madoka to be the angel, I am more sided towards Hikaru. Thus I am so displeased when you appointed her as the most hated anime female of all time!!!! :( Moreover,frankly, depicting Hikaru-Chan as the fickle insensitive double-dating bitch in your stories dont seem to do her much justice. Not that your stories are not good.In fact they are great ideas for the continuation of the story.My only complain is that it has really twisted the solemnly created characters of the people within it(Hikaru especially....booo hooo) I do hope that you do not condemn such sweet endearness and innocence of a young girl's dream. Both angels of the series should be equally credited, in my own opinion, as they are both part of this magical series, and one would not exist without the other...... Thank you for your time, Sayonara. Signed, A Hikaru Hiyama Fan.

As Ross Ledie said on September 29, 1997
Hi Robert! I have to begin by saying that I'm in full agreement with Lala regarding the angelic qualities of Hikaru-chan! Let me also hasten to point out that I haven't seen any of the KOR anime as yet (damn hard to find here in Australia!) but I have seen the first five volumes of the "KOR Project" and have read through the translations for the 150+ Manga episodes. I have heard that Hikaru comes across in a much more negative light in the anime?

Going by what I HAVE seen though, I can't help feeling terrible for Hikaru! She tries so hard, trusts so much, cares so deeply - and look how that %&$%$ Kyousuke treats her! I could almost cheer on Kazuya at times! :)

Now I've got that off my chest.... KOR as a series is wonderful. Better than my other two all time favourites (Ranma 1/2 and Maison Ikkoku) because it's not _just_ a comedy. The drama is there and is both hilarious and heart-wrenching - even when all you have are text translations without an illustration in sight! It's led me to download every KOR video on the net (280M+ so far) and embark on a desperate search for more. Web sites like yours are a big help and it's going to take me a while to work through it. (Java is SLOW!)

Please don't think I dislike the idea of a Madoka - Kyousuke matchup - I just feel that Hikaru could have been treated a lot better! This really makes it hard for me to take a look at your fanfiction without some nasty preconceptions! :) Ross P.S - Lala - you are not alone!

As Nick from Laval, Quebec wrote on October 15, 1997

Why is KOR the best? Because it reflects the reality of everyday life. I know because I have experienced those emotions before and let me tell you that it is not easy. The reason why I'm writing this is because I want to congratulate you on a succesful page. I hope that you saw all 48 TV episodes! I'm now at 36 and it's getting hot by the minute. Say, did you see the Shin KOR movie (the second one)? I have and it is perfect. I just wish that I had seen the end of the series and the 8 OAVs and espacially the KOR movie (the first one), because in the second movie, they reflect parts of the end of the series!

As Lin Zeyuan wrote from Singapore on Feb 14, 1997

Hi I'm a new viewer of Kimagure Orange Road. I don't watch much animes except for Ranma 1/2 and it was only by accident that I turned on my TV to watch the show for the past two months. Wow was I upset...upset that I haven't found out about this great show earlier! I think I'm probably watching reruns now I haven't even heard of the movies but what I've seen so far has convinced me of KOR's quality. The thing that puts KOR above most other animes is the sheer realism it encompasses (maybe except the ESP part). While other animes are concerned with fighting this and that bad guy or have heroes/villains with unbelievable super powers, I find that KOR is simply at its core a touching story of love, romance and its inevitable problems, which can almost happen to you or me. Its storylines are superb, I never fail to be amused and entertained by all the relationship problems that Kyosuke faces...where else can a person keep a love triangle for so long? Best of all, the music in the show is superb, not only the title and ending track but the tracks within the show too! Madoka with her sax beats Kenny G anyday! Every day is spent waiting for the next episode to come...the bliss is well worth the torture.

As Mike Albon wrote on Sun, 12 Apr 1998 21:12:12 +0100

Subject: KOR (unsuprisingly.) Well I'd just like to say that your site is really good. I was introduced Kor by a friend, I have to say that it was probably the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me (in anime trading anyhow). I like the story because not only does it stur the emotions, there are too many situations I can relate to. I find this kind of scary, however reassuring at the same time. Having only watched 30 of the TV Fansub, I have to say even though, I am not looking forward to running out of tapes of the wonderful 'classic' anime. Ayukawa's mood swings, Hikaru's constant hounding. Who could forget the twin's and the 'Hentai'. Many a time I have thought Kyosuke 'get on with it', however it's quite nice he is totally incabable. Out of the people around me, most of them were first Tenchi Fans. No longer, probably. One definitly is a true KOR fan like myself, and hassles me for tapes. I find this hard to handle. What if I want to watch that tape again. (Icannot wait for the LD version ;). Out of all of the anime I have ever seen only a few series I really like, KOR no 1. Nadesico no 2. Followed by UY, Ranma and Ikkoku (probably spelt wrong ;) I just hope that the following and popularity on the net continues, as it is such a wonderful experience to watch, irritating, happy, puzzling at times. I have feelings that maybe I should be Japanese and not British afterall, like the sort of feeling I got whilst working in Fukokua. I did not know of any of these websites until today, I am pleased, chance to listen to the great music in MIDI (XG I hope), see the pics, read the news. Well that just about sums it up. KOR is not perfect by any means, however it's good enough to be fun and gripping.

I hope the legend continues.

Mike Albon

As Rabih Khouri wrote on Thu, 27 Aug 1998 03:10:05 -0400

Subject: hard KOR
Hi I am a huge fan of the series and for one I really enjoy it, I have been a great fan of the series since the earilier days when way back before the second dojinshi. I saw KOR for the first time some 10 years ago ( was in french at the time and in France) but I now own my glorious own copies of the series and am even purchasing the professional version. In fact I am now the VP of Newtype animation ( founded due to KOR some 7 years ago) hahaha well just thought you would like some + fan back

As David Liang wrote on Sat, 12 Sep 1998 18:34:35 PDT

Subject: Why I love KOR
Last week something wonderful came upon me. I walk down my local video store tried to get anything that can interest me (since I already watch almost all great movies in this universe). A little bit about me,... I like movies. I simply MAD about them. Everyday I always spend at least 3 hours to watch movies. I watch movies from USA, Hongkong, French, Japan, Russia, Poland, Philliphines, British, Ireland, Vietnam and etc...etc...etc..ranging fom the Classic, Excellent,Good, Fair, Suck types of movie to B-rate, Z-rate, to John Waters types of movie. I like anime to...........(I thought I knew everything about movies)..........until I got my hands on "Kimagure Orange Road" on that video store last week. Well, I have not doing anything since then. I am still affected by Ayukawa charm.
I am so touch about this great movies even though I can only managed 6 of them(I can only got the 5 OVA series- one of them is the Movie "I want to return to that day" and the "New KOR). Once those tapes ended I was in the big desperation to get the other 48 TV series tapes. But to no avail it is not possible in my city. Can somebody show me how to get the TV series in US The KOR is a priceless piece of art gem (it is not only for entertainment), it is also a time machine that can transport me to "those good old days (I am 27 years old anyway)" of my youth. The joy of love, the pain of loss, the rejection, the indicisiveness of Kyosuke.........all rings so true. I was in a total shock when I watch this series. I always proud of my self in knowing that during my life span I had watch most of the good movies. But nothing prepared me for KOR. I am a novice after all. Where am I the last 14 years? (since KOR began). The most touching thing about this series is the scene of "count the steps" that Kyosuke always did. It seems that life is so full of 99.5 possibilities. Everywhere you turn always brings you to the top of the stairs with many possibilities (such as Madoka, Hirumi or nothingness) I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this KOR series to everybody that still in the dark. May you get enlightenment As for me, I will NEVER climb the stairs the same way again.EVER

Sincerely, David Liang

As Gabriele wrote on Wed, 11 Nov 1998 00:51:02 +0100
Dear friend, I'm a boy that writes from a small city in Italy.I used to watch KOR years ago but maybe I was too little to be able to appreciate it like now.I really enjoye d it the first time I saw it, but now I love it and it doesn't pass a day that I don't think to it.Really.In my opinion it's the BEST because it awakes every body's romantic aspect.I hope you understand my english(I am sorry for it).I th ink that it is the best thing I have ever seen in my life and it is becoming li ke a 'drug' for me because more I watch it and more I'd like to watch.I wouldn' t like to be Kyosuke but to be part of the anime and to stay with all af them a s a friend.KOR is in part a utopia because Kyo,Mad,Hik, are the ideal friends e ven if they constitute a love triangle.

As Beng Aik Tan wrote on Thu, 12 Nov 1998 13:34:53 +0800
Subject: i love kor!!! Hi! I'm a new fan of KOR. It may seem weird, but I've never read its comics or even watched it on TV. The reason I fell in love with it was because I saw an article on it in a magazine. The characters, storyline and plot appealed to me so much I started surfing the net for it!

After surfing the net, I realised that to many of us, KOR is not just a comic anymore. It is a representation of our memories; a fantasy becoming reality. Ayukawa is my fave character and not just because she is pretty (though she is stunning) Her unique personality and ideals are what I am hopelessly in love with.

TO all fans out there: Let's bring back the KOR craze and let it sweep the world!

As Mak Kum Shi wrote on Tue, 29 Dec 1998 01:53:01 +0800
Rob, this is Mak Kum Shi here. It has been a long time since we chatted with each other.

Firstly, I would like to wish you Merry Christmas. I have broken off contact for some time because I had a busy schedule over the months incorporating the first public animation club here in Singapore by myself.

When I led the club, I had personal problems and had to step down from the main reins of animation here in Singapore. And since then, I have been falling sick. So it has been hard to keep in touch with people.

Still on the KOR mailing list, I noticed somebody talking about KOR Lyrics. Deciding to drop by at your site, I am honoured and thankful that you have listed my KOR lyrics site as the second one, after the server's link. On that, I am glad.

I recall that you once referred a person to me in regards to music and looking back at those early days, I have grown and changed a lot. While it does look that I don't maintain my websites anymore, that was what I had to sacrifice for an ideal which I believed in.

Having known you, I realise, after going through your website, it must have been a very tiring, depressing and yet, a satisfying experience for you in establishing your KOR website. At that, you have my admiration for that because I too have been through the hardships, disappointments, politics and such, in order to finally form an animation club that was originally not meant to be.

For we all have our lives to lead and commitments to fulfill and we have to think of our own interests. That is why dreams are merely dreams unfulfilled. But I think you and I have fulfilled some of those dreams, and persevered over the years. And I suppose that was ultimately why Kyousuke eventually got to be with Madoka at the end.

I wish you all the best for years to come, because I know, that even as we have a price to pay for what we do, there is nothing greater than the taste of success. And if you want to publish this letter on your website, I see no problems in that. ^_^ Take care.
Mak Kum Shi
Founder of the Miyuki Animation Club
Fengshan Community Centre

As Dante Maximiliano wrote on 2 Jan 99 18:09:17
Well i think is because MADOKA she is the most beautiful woman in the universe and the cool powers of the kyosuke's family but mostly for madoka

As Bobby Ho wrote on 15 Apr 1999 23:50:58 +0800
Subject: One wish I must perform within this life

My wish is this.. I have loved KOR ever since 1980's and will plan to release a web site one day, just like many of our fans worldwide. I would tell them of my experiences I still haven't yet fully explained. It's magic.

PS. I will get all the Color Box CD's one day.

As Therese Guilbert wrote on Tue, 08 Jun 1999 16:13:10 +0100

Subject: Why is KOr the Best?

Ten reasons why KOR is the best:

1-The characters are touching and subtely depicted.

2-The drawings are enchanting.

3-Madoka is the epitome of perfection but at the same time she is very humane.

4-The music is of great quality.

5-The humour of the series is impossible to copy.

6-The science-fiction element is original and seducing.

7-Jingoro the cat is one of the most funny cats in all anime series.

8-Secondary characters are as touching as the protagonists.

9-It is based on a classical literary love triangle (hey! Shakespeare has done that before!) and classical recipies always work, don't they?

10-Why is kor the best?
Watch and you will see!

KyosukeESP wrote on Fri, 9 Jul 1999 06:35:06 EDT
Subject: Why I completely love Kimagure Orange Road

I love absolutely everything about KOR. Everything from the entire story to each individual character to the music. The music is the best I've ever heard. It's definitely on the top of my music list! The story is so moving and emotionally draining most of the time. Usually I'd want to get up and just tell that indesisive Kyosuke to shut up and say his true feelings to Madoka, but the ongoing story is a great adventure full of suprises and tons of mishaps and close calls, especially since Hikaru has that carefree attitude! (Is there anything that Madoka can't do?) Oh, and who can forget the cuttest twins ever?? Just look at their eating habits!! (ONIISAN!!!!) The whole thing feels so real. Now that I've seen all 48 tv episodes and the oavs and both movies, what else can I do. It's like my life is over. That's the impact that KOR has over me!! Looks like I'll have to improve my japanese so I can read the manga (if it's still available). Guess I'll start with some fanfics.

Mata Ne!!
- Kyo-chan ^_^

As Arcadia wrote on Mon, 10 Apr 2000 04:46:12 -0500
KOR comments

Man O Man what a site! anyway here are my comments! I started the KOR series with the OAV's in my local video store a good 7 years ago! After watching all the OAV's I noticed that while I was at college classes or at work the show kept leaping into my mind! I absolutely had to see more and know more! Found out that there was indeed more! And through a series of unusual underground methods managed to get my hands on the first 8 of the TV series and how the Triangle began! Comedy, Tragedy, and ESP powers! Took longer to get the rest of the series! I felt rather bad about watching the first KOR movie before I had seen the last 10 episodes of the tv series but.......HAD to see it! What an incredible emotional roller coaster they put me through in that first movie! I tell you not a dry eye in the room! And we got some Tuff guys in our anime club! But heartbreaking as it was, the whole situation HAD to be done. Right? Right. But months later New Hope for the fate of our characters in KOR! The Shin KOR movie was absolutely spectacular! The friends may have moved on and apart but when they got back together it showed that for the most part everything was going to be OK! And THAT put a smile on even the hardest of critics! KOR will indeed endure as one of the greatest relationship stories! Love, Friendship, Heartbreak and Youth. KOR will take you on a "Whimsical" tour, that will leave you both yelling at, and cheering the characters on and on!

As John wrote on Mon Jun 12 20:35:59 2000
What makes KOR stand out in the vast amount of anime is the sheer smoldering, smoky sexuality that oozes past the edges in those oh too few but sweet illicit moments between Madoka and Kyouske. Never overt, they play on the edges of your senses like a fine blues guitarist . I'm hooked, and I need some more!

As Tristan wrote on 28 Nov 2000 12:50:24 -0800
Hi, I'm a huge fan. . Recently I bought a new pen and mouse for my computer and I drew a picture of Madoka. I would like to give you this picture and you're free to post it on your site. Thank you for keeping up this site. I love the "why KOR is the best" page....hilarious how other people besides myself go crazy for kor. Well. see ya later.
Take care
Tristan Kong

As Vince wrote on Tue, 29 Aug 2000 23:19:40 +0100
Hi Just thought i`d write to say that orange road is my favourite = anime series. I used to watch the first 7 episodes all the time as that was all i had = but now i`m=20 getting a few more. Its simply good entertainment and always cheers me = up =20

As Nathan wrote on Mon Dec 11 19:59:35 2000
Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for this great site, = and secondly tell you about my first experience with KOR. Well, thanks. = Now on to the story. I had loved anime for a long time, but I was = frankly new to it. Well, I had just moved into a new state and I was = checking out a video rental place. And to my suprise, they had a whole = rack of anime. And even more to my suprise, the selection wasn't half = bad. Day after day, I plowed through the movies getting the most out of = it. Soon, the selection had dwindled and only a few remained. And there = sat a video with a beautiful woman with black hair on the cover. It was = labeled "Kimagure Orange Road: Summer"(The 2nd movie). I checked out the = back, and I thought, "blah blah romantic blah blah blah." So I rented it = just because it was there. I went home, and I popped it in the VCR. As I = sat there, Immobile, something happened to me. I was actually likeing = it, no LOVING IT!!! And it was a romance movie!!! I had never even heard = of KOR before. And now I was here watching the best anime movie I had = ever seen! By the end, (I can't beleive I'm saying this) I had tears in = my eyes. I sat there and thought, "Ok, what just happened?" I still = would not accept its greatness, "No violence?, Great anime?......Doesn't = figure." So, I watched it again....and again, and again. I watched it = all day. Every time it touched me even more. Of course, I gave in. How = could I not? After that, I scraped up anything that was KOR. I fell in = love with the series, the art, the music, and everything else KOR. In = fact, I'm listening to Kyosuke #1 right now. I now have a great respect = for anime and most everything else in my life. I just wanted to share = with you how KOR changed my life. And once again, thanks for the great = site. KOR sites are not in great supply and they are hard to find. I = wish you farewell from step number 99.5. =
-Nathan Kelso

As Terry wrote on Dec 27 14:02:46 2000
Hey Rob, I sure hope this is the right email. Anyway, I just wanted to add my humble impressions of this much vaunted series. I first saw a few episodes of KOR around 10 years ago when my brother returned from the local anime pirate with a stack of Saint Seiya and Macross tapes. Little did I know about the treasure hidden within. Though I didn't speak a lick of Japanese, I was immediately drawn into the world Matsumoto had created. After watching all the episodes in that initial stash, I immediately rented out all I could find and watched the show over and over, still not understanding a word. I bought all the manga for the show I could get and any items associated with KOR. As time went on, I went to high school and then college and eventually started competing in the great rat race with only the first movie alleviating the break from my former addiction. KOR became nestled somewhere in my mind...a warm place that when revisited, promised a world yet to be founded. Every time I think of the show or hum one of its haunting melodies, it makes me smile for all the things I've done in my youth as well as frown for all the things I didn't do. The show to me was a lesson in going after your dreams with whatever you've got and never letting your fear get the best of you. It is a commentary on love and life and how easily they can be found but are so hard to catch when you lack the conviction. Thinking of the show now, it takes me back to so many fond memories. Like no other thing can do, KOR can take me back in such vivid detail. It will endear longer than any mecha-based show or other anime because it is about the angst of our youth and the time we spent becoming who we are now. I could easily watch an episode now and still feel the same way I felt when I first saw it. Yes, it's that good. The love triangle is such a simple formula but in Matsumoto's hands, it becomes a story about "the road not taken." And that's what I think the title is all about: the road of orange road...sometimes sweet and sometimes sour...never knowing which until you taste it... Some of us never find our Madoka's, I'm happy to say that I've found mine. And now that I've gotten my hands on the subtitled episodes, I'm watching them with her and creating new memories all thanks to KOR!

As Rainbow wrote on Thu, 28 Dec 2000 15:28:01 EST
Subject: arrigato!!!

just wanted to say the sight is great .im new online and i truly thought i was the last kor fan alive,but im very happy to see such a well done sight....much thanks and kindest impressed ja ne rainbow in tx

Detractors of KOR also has a forum here. I'm a equal opportunity webmeister, willing to listen to the other side. If hating KOR gets your motor running, let me know why.


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